About Us

MEDICS24 is a Kenya’s first Emergency Medicine and Life Support Trainer and Emergency Medical service provider with Basic and Advanced Life Support Road Ambulance. We have off road ambulance for events and rugged terrain evacuations. We have successfully trained and been appointed as Life Support training consultants for various prestigious institutions

MEDICS24 has a team of highly trained Emergency Medical Technicians who are also certified Emergency Medical Services instructors in both the Basic and Advanced Life Support courses. The team boasts of wealth of experience with is top management having been in senior management level in some of Kenya’s Top Emergency Services providers and Medical Insurance providers.  We are members of the Ambulance Association of Kenya.

MEDICS24 will use its expertise to reduce the level of morbidity and morbidity to acceptable levels through empowerment by training if Basic Medical Incident Management and provision of in-time and reliable Emergency Medical Service to its clients and the general public during a distress time.